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Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority.

Here at Nearby Lawn Care, we strive to change the way you experience quality lawn care services for good.

Whether it's trimming your lawn or blowing some leaves, we look forward to providing top-tier lawn care solutions with a local neighborly attitude.

And with over 20+ ★★★★★ Rated Google Reviews, we're One Of The Best Lawn Care Services Around.

Kevin Grimes

Newnan, GA

Date: Mar 4, 2019
The entire experience was a pleasure from start to finish. Will definitely use them again.

Date: Jan 30, 2019
What a great and professional company to do business with. Nearby Lawncare has great customer service and works hard to make sure their customers, as well as their suppliers, are happy. They are extremely organized and well planned which makes everything so much easier. They do great work at great prices. We highly recommend for any of your lawn care needs.

Wendy Daniels

Tyrone, GA

Date: Feb 22, 2019
Excellent, fast service! Very happy with their leaf removal!!

Robert Kinghorn


Brief Bio:

Robert is the main face and voice behind Nearby Lawn Care. His sole job is to answer your phone call and any questions that you may have about our service, and then to schedule you down for a time that works best for you. He's a pleasure to talk with on the phone and is sure to make you chuckle and smile more than you'd probably expect to when speaking to a local lawn care service representative.

Austin Rose


Brief Bio:

Meet Austin. He's a fresh face here at the Nearby Lawn Care team, but he's just as enthusiastic about quality lawn care services as the rest of us. Austin is the perfect poster-child when it comes to lawn & yard assistance. He's reliable, an exceptionally hard worker, and he doesn't leave a job site until everything is finished. We're lucky to have Austin on the team, and he looks forward to assisting in all your needed lawn care services.

Garret Merkley


Brief Bio:

Garret is the Owner and lead Operator of Nearby Lawn Care. From the start, he wanted to create a local lawn care service that was relatable to its close-knit community of customers, be they either commercial or residential. He always strives to provide the best lawn care experience possible. Additionally, he and his team never sacrifice quality service for speedy results but rather seeks to give both in a simultaneous and harmonious fashion.

We're A Modern Service That Reminds You.

Because It's Easy To Overlook Lawn Care Now And Then.

It's surprising how easy it can be to book a lawn care service only to forget when or even if they're going to show up when expected.

Here at Nearby Lawn Care, we do our best to ensure that every one of our customers knows where they are on our appointments for the day and what time they'll be able to expect us by.

We send a quick reminder text out to all of our customers the day before their appointments with us to let them know they'll be seeing us soon.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on documenting our work and keeping our customers updated with the results of their lawn care.

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