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Job Details

Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: Nov 14, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Lawn Pine Straw Laying & Installation
call or text Call: (770) 637-1371
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Brief Explanation

What Was Involved In Making This Pine Straw Look So Proper?

We laid this pine straw on Wednesday the 14th of November at this customers house in Newnan.

It took two of our lawn care specialists around 2 hours (give or take) to complete this project, which is actually a fairly reasonable amount of time when it comes to residential pine stray installations.

How Much Pine Straw Did We End Up Utilizing For This Installation?

For this customer's specific area, we ended up laying down an extra foot or so of pine straw around all of the main borders where we installed some.

The purpose of this excess was so that it would better allow us to more easily sculpt, tuck and roll this customer's straw.

We then sculpted the straw around the plants and bushes and sculpted it under them as well in order to help give all of it a beautiful flush, finished look.

As a whole, we ended up installing 40 bales of pine needles into the previously patchy areas of this customer's lawn and the end results were truly worthy effort in eyes of our customers .

Whether you need just 5 bales of fresh pine straw laid down or 50, you can be confident once you give us a call knowing that we're the best around when it comes to Pine Straw Laying & Installation in Newnan, GA.

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
Christian is a really hard worker, and he works smart too. A very nice young man and works well with people. Someone you will like having around your home, working for you. ~ Cindy Sorenson - Newnan, GA

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1. Why Are Our Pine Straw Installations Superb?


Other lawn care services layout pine straw quickly, but the end result often look rushed and half-hearted 9 times out of 10.

You'll never have to worry about your new lawn additions being scattered or clumped around ever again.

We pride ourselves on providing top-tier Spreading, Rolling, Tucking & Sculpting for all of your pine straw laying & installation needs.

When it comes to the quality image of your lawn, our service is the perfect blend of both practical lawn care solutions and aesthetically pleasing styling.

It's no wonder we're the best Pine Straw Installation Service within then entire Newnan, GA area.

2. Do We Conduct Other Major Lawn Care Services?


Here at Nearby Lawn Care, we strive to change the way you experience quality lawn care services for good.

In addition to delivering and installing pine straw, hardwood mulch, we can also help out by mowing your lawn, laying down some fresh new mulch, blowing and removing some leaves, or even assist with some stump grinding.

No matter the project type, we always look forward to providing top-tier lawn care solutions with a local neighborly attitude.

We're certain that you'll be satisfied with our quality lawn and yard care services, and we look forward to being your go-to choice for many more projects and improvements yet to come.

3. Where Are We Able To Help Out Our Customers?


Nearby Lawn Care is Newnan's premier service when it comes to reliable pine straw laying and installation.

We're more than happy service a variety of local areas such as:

- Coweta County

- Fayette County

- Willow Creek Subdivision

- Amco Mills

- Woodsmoke

- Raymond

- Wood Valley Estates

- Sharpsburg

- Senoia

- And More!

Furthermore, we're punctual professionals that always strive to be on time for every appointment, no matter how close or far away your address may be.

Not sure if you're within our servicing range? Then go ahead and give us a call to talk more with one of our professional lawn care specialists today!

4. But What If The Weather Goes South?


If there's ever been a state that's well known for having unpredictable weather, it's the beautiful, yet often fickle, Peach State of Georgia.

Let's be honest, rain and other forms of inclement weather can delay any outdoor project. Especially when it comes to lawn care services such as pine needle installations.

If your yard care project is delayed due to adverse weather conditions, you can expect to receive an email from us that will detail our plan to carry out the job on the next closest dry day that's available, if not later on the same day ideally.

We take pride in helping to keep all of our customers informed as to when we can safely and effectively carry out our expert pine straw services.

Be it the scheduled day of, or a spur-of-the-moment "rain check".