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Job Details

Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: Dec 13, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed:
call or text Call: (770) 637-1371
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Brief Explanation

Just How Many Bales Of Pine Straw Did We End Up Laying Down?

For this recent lawn care project, we helped out a local Newnan customer who had long been in need of some properly pine straw laying services for their front yard.

We ended up laying down exactly 59 Bales of Pine Straw around this customer's bushes, trees, and sidewalk edges.

In fact, two days prior to this project, we helped out this exact same customer by trimming down some of their bushes and then hauled all of the clippings away to the nearest local dump.

This project only ended up taking two of our guys just under 3 hours to fully complete and install all of this customer's pine straw.

This customer ended up deciding against our pine straw laying Tuck & Roll Upgrade, so as a result, the property didn't have nearly as much of an amazing loom and feel as it would have had they chosen this option.

We always recommend Tuck & Roll Upgrade to every customer that's serious about their pine straw laying and installation results being as exceptionally good and professional looking as possible.

If you need help making your front lawn look presentable once more, then be sure to give us a call today for the best Pine Straw Delivery Layings in Newnan, GA.

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
Christian is a really hard worker, and he works smart too. A very nice young man and works well with people. Someone you will like having around your home, working for you. ~ Cindy Sorenson - Newnan, GA

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1. Is There A Benefit To Our 'Tuck & Roll' Upgrade?


Yes! There Certainly Is Indeed.

Other lawn care services layout pine straw quickly, but the end result often look rushed and half-heartedly done a fair portion of the time.

You'll never have to worry about your new lawn additions being scattered or clumped ever again.

We always pride ourselves on providing top-tier pine straw spreading methods.

However, we always recommend our Tuck & Roll Upgrade to our customers!

Laying pine straw correctly takes skill, but truly making it a work of art also requires time, technique, and expert experience.

Unfortunately, this customer chose not to have this done to their lawn.

And while it still looks better than average, it could have had the potential to completely transform the look and feel of this customer's front lawn and home overall had they simply chosen our Tuck & Roll installation package.

Because when it comes to the quality image of your lawn, we're the perfect blend of both practical lawn care solutions and aesthetically pleasing styling that NEVER disappoints.

2. But What'll Happen If The Weather Becomes Bad?


If there's ever been a state that's well known for having unpredictable weather, it's the beautiful, yet often fickle, Peach State of Georgia.

Let's be honest, rain can delay any outdoor project. Especially when it comes to intricate and time-consuming projects such as laying down pine straw.

If your pine straw installation is delayed due to adverse weather conditions, you'll be sure to expect an email from us that will detail our plan to carry out the job on the next closest dry day that's available.

Ideally, the very same day if at all possible.

We keep all of our customers informed as to when we can safely and effectively carry out our expert pine straw installation services.

3. Where Can We Assist Our Customers?


Nearby Lawn Care is Newnan's premier service when it comes to reliable pine straw delivery, laying and installations.

We're more than happy service a variety of local areas such as:

- Coweta County

- Fayette County

- Willow Creek Subdivision

- Amco Mills

- Woodsmoke

- Raymond

- Wood Valley Estates

- Sharpsburg

- Senoia

And More!

We're punctual professionals that always strive to be on time for every appointment, no matter how close or far away your address may be.

Not sure if you're within our servicing range? Go ahead and give us a call to talk more with one of our professional lawn care specialists to see if we can come out and assist with your pine straw needs ASAP!

4. Does Our Service Offer Packages & Care Plans?


We Do Indeed!

While new pine straw laying tends to be sparsely recurring projects throughout the years, we gladly offer and excel at other lawn care services that need to happen on a more regular basis.

Whether it's a monthly mowing or a weekly trim, we offer consistent yard care services that are sure to satisfy every customer's specific need and preference.

Additionally, our recurring premiums are affordable and reliable as well.

And while we do offer the capability to conduct one-time only cuts and services, it's actually a far better deal to hire us to help out over a longer period of time.

That way, for example, you won't have to stress about when your grass was cut last, and you can finally get that front yard that you've always dreamed of having for so long.

So what are you waiting for?

Give Nearby Lawn Care Newnan A Call Today!